Team Limwood

Phil Henwood
Co-Group CEO

Phil is passionate about life experiences. His love for adventures, big and small, shape all facets of his life. Whether it is trying a new bottle of wine, restaurant or travelling to a far-flung unique destination, Phil loves all of it.
It’s safe to say Phil’s life ethos for new experiences shapes his ideas, innovations and business views. No idea is too ambitious!

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Cindy Casey Henwood
Co-Group CEO

Cindy loves travelling the world to learn about cultures, histories and of course, cuisines! Having been to nearly 50 countries and chomping her way through them, she has amassed a keen inquisitiveness on all matter relating to food and drink.  

She loves reading and is an enthusiastic scuba diver and no, she does not wonder how that tuna will taste when she sees them underwater!

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Geoffrey Lim
Creative Director

Geoffrey has over 20 years of experience in the design industry. He has shown creative flair from an early age and demonstrated resilience in pursuing his ambitions.

He possesses strong visual communication skills and an eye for detail. His vast experience in advertising agencies and publishing firms has given him an extensive perspective of the creative industry.

Deryk Low
Digital Project Lead

Deryk is an avid gamer and is the go-to techie in the team. He likes all things creative and dabbles in photography as a hobby. He refers to himself as a jack-of-all-trades but hopes to be a master in some things for a stronger career path and attain better life satisfaction.

He also loves volunteering and contributing back to society through various means and social causes.

Lynne Jong
Graphic Designer

Lynne has dabbled in various design work and has been out in the graphic design field for four years and counting. She loves to do motion graphics due to its engaging nature and creative space, allowing more ideas and concepts to flow into fruition. She is currently expanding her horizons by taking up video editing, which is also something that she is keen on taking up.  

Being part of the Limwood Team piqued her curiosity into fine spirits and wine, despite not being a drinker.