Specialising in the import of Food & Beverage Products and Food Ware from boutique gourmet producers around the world.

Incorporated in 2018 and headquartered in Singapore, and its companies include Limwood Gourmet, Limwood Lifestyle and Gourmet Groupies.
Inspired by the discerning foodie and enthusiast (ourselves included!), each product we represent is personally curated to reflect the care and due attention to provenance, wellness and quality.

Our Subsidiaries

Engages in the Wholesale Distribution of our Food & Beverage Products and Food Ware to HoReCa, Retailers, Food Services and Corporations.

Additionally, Limwood Gourmet offers Retail Sales of our gourmet products directly to consumers via our own e-commerce platform (https://limwoodgourmet.com) and various other marketplaces.

With a strong focus on providing informative knowledge to our customers, our marketing and design teams work side-by-side with our Producers to ensure that we create content that depicts their brands’ ethos, passion and heritage.

Our international monthly publication which is all about food, drinks, travel and lifestyle.

Every issue, we shine a spotlight on passionate producers and amazing stories, interesting nuggets on anything food and drink-related, our favourite food and drink recipes and travel tips on fun travel destinations with a touch on history!

Limwood Lifestyle is committed to supporting start-ups and emerging enterprises in the Food, Beverage, Travel and Lifestyle sectors across the globe.

The technology and innovation arm of Limwood Group.

Our focused development areas are app-based tools and resources to enhance users’ lives through education, community, and intelligent tech. Our innovations have led us to have multiple patents pending in three countries.

The goal of Gourmet Groupies is to continue pushing the boundaries of customer propositions, with technology being the core pillar to our user-friendly solutions without complexity in delivery.